About (short)

This morning for breakfast I had a chicken wing, clementine and a Rice krispie treat.

This is my artistic nature. I go where the mood takes me in genre.



My Story

I believe it’s our duty to share our love and God given talents to as many as we can reach while we are here. It has taken me a while to figure out that I love songwriting. I guess I needed to do a few things first, like have a career, and a family. I also needed to learn to stop putting myself last. My advice to myself and anyone with dreams is to keep pushing through. Not everyone is meant to absorb our individual light and that is how it is meant to be.  Life is a gift and it is short, so I am listening to my heart- and I hope you do too.


Songs sometimes come as emotional information, or as if someone is speaking to me. I have had random dreams that don't relate to my own life and have felt compelled to write about the circumstances. Most commonly I write songs because I want to touch hearts.


With both my lyrics and melodies Infused into a carefully mixed concoction, I strive to make a vital connection to my listeners. Reminding them that we are all feeling joy, sorrow and anger in this life together. Art is a gate to freedom in both creating it and receiving our own individual interpretation of it. I love art in all forms.



About Songwriting

I say, " An original is not authentic if you are not true to yourself." 

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